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We Are Your Real Biz Mate
Your Success Is Our Business


Do not confuse income with wealth. 
If you spend all the income you make, you add nothing to your wealth.


Income Is How Much You Make.


Wealth Is What You're Worth.


A financial words of wisdom says: 
“It’s not how much you make that counts, it’s how much you keep”


Real Biz Mate will show you the best way to build your net worth. (more)

Get Your Business Ahead.


Trusted Accountants,
Financial Specialists,
Web & Info Techs,

Will Team Up
With You

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Cash Flow


Net Worth


Personnel & fringe benefits, or perks include:


Insurance (health, life, disability) 

Retirement    |    College Tuition

Profit Sharing    |    Bonus

Senior Health Care and more.


These benefits secure personnel, and improve personnel retention.


Real Biz Mate will provide these benefits to your personnel at very little or no cost to your business.



Profit is what business is about.


IRS say: "If you're not making profit, you're not in business".


Every business wants to make great profit... to enhance cash flow... to maximize income... to minimize expense.


Real Biz Mate can help you: 


Minimize payroll expense


Turn events expense into income


Turn website expense into income
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